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> Thank you, i removed the alpha_support and with that the gtk errors i was 
> having vanished along with the tainted kernel messages.
> Also noticed improvement of the speed of the graphics. Things appear to move 
> smoother and faster screen. Does that make sense?
> The machine is a librem 13v3

Does make some sense if the Linux kernel used now has better support for
Intel integrated graphics. Appears it must!

>>> Dec 15 20:52:30 dom0 systemd-modules-load[195]: Failed to find module 
>>> 'uinput'
>>> ( found info on kernel.org stating this module is for user input, is it 
>>> normal that the module is not present? )
>> No, it is present on mine.
> i do not know how to solve this, i have seen some answers on github related 
> to permissions, are these permissions correct? This is the second reinstal of 
> Qubes 4.0.2-preview3

Didn't realize you were running rc3. Have you tried 4.0.1? In which log
are you seeing the above error?

> Dec 22 16:29:16 dom0 systemd-modules-load[540]: Inserted module 'uinput'

OK, so it's working on yours too.

> Dec 22 16:29:12 dom0 systemd[1]: Failed to start Load Kernel Modules.
> -- Subject: Unit systemd-modules-load.service has failed
> -- Defined-By: systemd
> -- Support: http://lists.freedesktop.org/mailman/listinfo/systemd-devel
> --
> -- Unit systemd-modules-load.service has failed.

> These messages are not so detailed on the causes on which the error ocurred. 
> Is there a way to get more info, like turning on a debug mode on boot or 
> something?

Ignore this error. It does not impact Qubes functionality.

>>> Dec 15 20:52:37 dom0 xenstored[1267]: Checking store complete.
>>> Dec 15 20:52:38 dom0 udisksd[1497]: Acquired the name 
>>> org.freedesktop.UDisks2 on the system message bus
>>> Dec 15 20:52:38 dom0 udisksd[1497]: Error loading modules: Error opening 
>>> directory '/usr/lib64/udisks2/modules': No such file or directory
>> Did you install something in dom0? Generally, you should not. Uninstall
>> it or reinstall Qubes and the error should go away.
> I did not install anything on dom0 ( how do i find what was supposedly 
> installed, is there a way? )
> This are the logs from installing the latest preview3 of 4.0.2. I installed 
> it twice, the logs are the same, do you think reinstalling it will solve?

Ignore the install logs unless you're troubleshooting an installation
issue. Instead, reference the log from a recent boot, and see if those
errors you mentioned are still present (apart from the
"systemd-modules-load.service has failed".)

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