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> Thank you very much for your answers, my replies in bold below.
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> I included the -b option on journalctl and the same message with 'uinput' 
> module not being loaded  and zenstored not found and being rebuiild showed up 
> on today's boot.

The 'uinput' one is the only odd message, since I'm not seeing it on
mine. I'll try a fresh install of 4.0.2rc3 sometime and see. Maybe it
gets loaded later in the boot sequence than in 4.0.1, since you've
determined it shows up anyways. Ignore xenstored, that always happens.

>>> All the errors are still happening since install. I am sorry to insist, but 
>>> the 'uinput' error is the one that worries me more, pardon my ignorance and 
>>> thus the question:
>>> How can i check the signature of the module loaded? Is it possible?

You should be able to find SHA256 sums somewhere of that module (make
sure the version exactly matches yours). This is fine for a quick check.

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