Today I booted my Qubes laptop (Dell Precision M4800) which has been working 
fine for a while and noticed that after entering my password in the GUI session 
manager to enter XFCE I’m being logged on, but there is something wrong with 
the resolution of the display and the result is a corrupted and unusable GUI. 
(See attachment)

I can hit CTRL-ALT-F2 to get a console session, but not sure how I should 
proceed to troubleshoot the XFCE settings from there. Is there a way to “reset” 
the X server settings or force it to attempt to auto-detect the screen size? 
This is odd as it used to work fine for the built-in laptop display, but has 
now become unusable.

I installed all dom0 updates and rebooted to ensure I have the latest patches, 
but it didn’t help. Qubes R4.0

Thanks in advance,


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