Hey hey,

I started diving more deeply into Salt on QubesOS, since now I have two laptops
with very similar config. One thing I'd like to use is Salt Orchestrate runner:

My use-case is: I need to enable networking on some templates (`dom0:
qvm.prefs`) to pull code on them (`I:qubes:type:template: git`), and then
disable networking on those templates.

So basically, I need Salt's `require`, but working *across* minions.

Seems like it's available on R4.0. Before I dive deep into trying to get it into
a functioning state (ha!), has anyone played with it? And most importantly: how
bad of an idea is it?

Yes, I know enabling networking in templates is a Bad Idea, that's why I only
want to do it temporarily and in a well-managed way. But yes, other ideas on how
to get this code into the templates are obviously welcome too -- I considered
just putting it directly in my salt configs repo (that I then manually copy to
dom0:/srv/salt/), but why would I want code that is supposed to be only running
on TemplateVMs in dom0 at all, right?


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