Hi everyone,

Any help appreciated.

I managed to install a Qubes 4.0.3 on an Intel NUC10FNK. No VM's can start 
due to an error like: Internal error: Unable to reset PCI device 
0000:00:1f:6:no FLR, PM rset or bus reset available. Se log for details. 
The logs states unable to read console tty path 
/local/domain/[1,2,3,4]/console/tty resource temporary available.

The kernel in QubesOS seems quite old and not supporting a lot of new stuff 
in the NUC. I was trying to copy the kernel 5.5.7-1 and other rpm's  from 
the yum 
to the installation, but a lot of dependencies is making it harder than it 
might could be. Any great ideas to build a new USB installer?

Or any advise in other directions?


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