tirsdag den 14. april 2020 kl. 07.01.09 UTC+2 skrev Günter Zöchbauer:
> I tried the predecessor NUC8i7 and it made a lot of noise every time it 
> had to do more than showing the plain desktop.
> I'm back to a proper desktop PC where fans only start getting noisy when a 
> job runs on multiple cores full load for several minutes.

I understand why, but it is not an issue for me, since I have small 
children :). The latest BIOS update did turn out for the better, and you 
can actually select "Quiet" in the BIOS. I run around 6-9 AppVM's with 
different specs.It is a noisy fan, though.

The big issue is support for the firmware, because Intel, bless their 
apparently black hearts, only support Windows on the machines, so I am 
hoping for better support soon. Wireless, sound, does not work and my 
Windows HVM shuts down unexpectedly after a few minutes.

Can't recommend it yet. running the latest 5.6.4-1 and it works apparently 
fast and nice, except for the flapping wireless, no sound a missing all 
USB. Nice graphics and speed.


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