Hello community,

I'm using Qubes (R4.0) for almost a year now, and I really enjoy it. It
works well, except for the USB part:

when I connect an external hard-drive on USB3, I can access it through
the sys-usb qube (and thus copy between qubes). But when  I attach it to
another qube, nothing happens, and with the command "sudo dmesg" I get
the message

[25600.556228] usb 2-1: USB controller vhci_hcd.0 does not support
streams, which are required by the UAS driver.
[25600.556266] usb 2-1: Please try an other USB controller if you wish
to use UAS.
[25600.556291] usb-storage 2-1:1.0: USB Mass Storage device detected
[25600.557418] scsi host0: usb-storage 2-1:1.0
 vhci_hcd: unlink->seqnum 47
[25622.455904] vhci_hcd: urb->status -104
[25626.012450] usb usb2-port1: Cannot enable. Maybe the USB cable is bad?
[25626.012519] usb 2-1: USB disconnect, device number 12

Does anyone know what is the problem ? How can I solve it ?

Note that everything works fine with a small USB key (I think using USB2).

many thanks in advance,


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