tirsdag den 14. juli 2020 kl. 17.54.43 UTC+2 skrev jm:
> hi, 
> Has anyone written a guide to setting up a Kali vm in Qubes for 
> pen testing? 

I have Kali rolling installed and happy using it for CTF gaming and small 
stuff. I love Qubes and Kali together, but for reverse shell, etc. Andrew 
Douma wrote en evaluation some time ago, and recommended not using Qubes 
for pentesting.


> I'm studying for the OSCP, and the Qubes firewall port forwarding 
> guide suggests a fragile and finicky setup that I'm reluctant to 
> rely on. Punching holes from sys-net to sys-firewall to vpn-vm to 
> an an appvm just to run `nc -nlvp 4444` seems... like a kludge, at 
> best. 
> Issue #4028 tracks this problem. 
> The alternatives seem to be 1) create a HVM with direct access 
> to hardware--no sys-net or firewall-vm--or 2) purchase a 
> dedicated laptop for this use case. 

Both suggestions are good, I believe.


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