> An update: I found this which appeared to describe my problem: 
> I checked /var/log/Xorg.0.log and found  the "reverting to software 
> rendering" line. I then followed the recommended fix for EFI by adding "
> i915.preliminary_hw_support=1" to the xen.cfg file. I then rebooted but the 
> boot failed. Since the drive was encrypted I could see no way to get back 
> to change xen.cfg back to the original. So I used a live LM 19.2 stick to 
> see if I could access the file from it. It did ask for my encrypt password 
> but would not access the drive. I finally had to re-install the Qubes OS. 
> No loss, except the time involved. But I can still not watch videos.

Good troubleshooting steps. That i915 is a bit dated though, so I
suspect you have some other Intel video driver related issue. Further
review the Xorg.0.log file prior to the line about software rendering,
and see if you can locate a reason for it being unable to use hardware
acceleration. There may also be clues in dom0's "sudo journalctl -b" log.

PS You should have been able to edit xen.cfg using your method, but
without decrypting. For future reference at least, it's located under

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