This exact problem happened to me recently in Qubes 4. The steps outlined 
here worked.

The commands for me were along the lines of: sudo xl console, pkill -u 
1000, umount, e2fsck, resize2fs.

is my excitement about having this resolved :)

Additional note: Since I had snapd installed in the TemplateVM I needed to 
remove this too to get rid of its mounted file systems in the AppVM.
On Saturday, July 7, 2018 at 12:10:22 PM UTC+2 RSS wrote:

> > > resize2fs /dev/xvdb
> > > then prompted to first run fsck on /dev/xvdb. After this 
> > 
> > Usually Qubes handles that resize2fs automatically; I suspect whatever
> > caused the need for fsck was preventing that.
> I wish I could remember if anything odd happened at the time, that is
> already several days ago and there has been a lot of water under the
> bridge since then.
> > > If someone believes there is a natural and desirable home for this
> > > tidbit somewhere in the Qubes Docs, I would be happy to put in
> > > there. 
> > 
> > There is, but I don't
> > think the process you described is intended. Does it happen every
> > time you resize a Linux AppVM's volumes (i.e. can you recreate it)?
> > If so, might be better to file an Issue instead. Anyways, glad it
> > finally worked for you!
> No, actually this is I believe the first time on either Qubes 3 or 4
> that this has happened to me, and I tend to be resizing private storage
> quite regularly. So it's basically a one-off that I have no way of
> reproducing, and I don't recall many (any?) other people talking about
> this on the list, so perhaps we can just let the mail archive take care
> of it.
> It might be worth noting here that after using Qubes 4 for several
> months, I have had two significant glitches, this and another, and they
> both were storage issues. Everything else has worked perfectly so far.
> Thanks for the help!

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