On 2020-10-10 07:58, Andrew David Wong wrote:
[The following message is from Nina Eleanor Alter, our UX specialist.]

Greetings, Qubes community! We are running our first ever survey of
current, former, and future Qubes OS users. We invite you all to lend
us 10-15min of your time, to participate.


The Qubes OS team loves the conversations we have with our community
across forums, email lists, in support tickets, and at conferences. As
most of us understand, though, structured data is very different --
and clear information to help us make product and development
decisions in the weeks and months to come, we feel is necessary to
best serve our users.

This survey is also just the beginning of several weeks of user
research work that will consist of interviews, user testing,
co-creation workshop(s) with users guided by a ux specialist, and
possibly more surveys. At the end of this survey, we’ll collect
contact information should participating in that work be of interest
to folks. We also look forward to keeping folks updated in our user
communities, with how all of this work is progressing.


This announcement is also available on the Qubes website:

Thanks for this, I have filled it out and volunteered but really really really wanted to iterate one big (for me) point, and that is include at least some of the things listed in the documentation as an option in the setup.

I am no coder and I am 99.999% sure its easier said than done but I see quite a few posts (eg setting up VPNs, installing community templates, etc) that would be made much easier, and hence less mailing list repetition, if they were say included in say a "advance" option during the install process, or perhaps an advance settings after setup... like adding more "advance" options to the qubes manager? So the user could select advance at the beginning and then say be asked "do you want to install a sys-usb BUT have it manually enabled" or "do you want to set up a VPN proxy" (which will then ask maybe using which templates, and then after installation have a command line program that will prompt for info to input [eg ovpn info], then generate the vm), or give the option of enabling community member packages or templates and installing those ... like use "centos minimal for proxy VMs"), or selecting i3 or kde for a manager, or do you want to enable MAC address randomization, or do you want X or Y links/files to be opened up in dvm. The list goes on...

While, again, I am sure this is easier to suggest than to do I also think that this would help those like myself who are "techno semi competent" (which really means able to get ones self stuck trying to do something) while also keeping it relatively simple (by having the above be options that would only pop up if say "advanced settings" were selected.

I dont mean to diss qubes, i have gotten so much more back than I have donated but i really want to see it more broadly adopted and i think things like the above could help!

Thanks again to the qubes devs and contributors!

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