> First, thanks to Jarrah!
> I inadvertantly booted my computer with my defucnt instalation plugged
> in and it booted my desktop drive on my laptop... go figure, but
> regardless I was now able to use Jarrah's response to mount and copy
> over most of the appvms (actually just mounted, tar'd up the entire
> thing, and saved to trusted ext drive). Thanks Jarrah!

Nice work. Glad it worked out for you.

> Caveat though, two actually, a few of the appvms gave errors, most of
> them were not hugely important appvms but the second issue (kinda) is
> about the possbility of copying the whole appvm, more specifically I
> have some vpn proxy vms which (for me) wasnt easy to setup so I was
> hoping to copy the whole appvm over to the new installation... I have
> tar'd the entire contents/configs of each of those vpn proxy vms but
> wasnt sure if that would be sufficient?

The /rw/config directory (just /config in the private image you copied)
should be enough, depending on how you configured it. You should be able
to make a new VM, overwrite its files with these and reboot. Your VPN
should "just come up".

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