Hi, im aware that the answer to this question might be the whole reason 
qubes compartmentalizes everything into virtual machines........or just 
'no', but I was wondering is there a way to give a single qube read-only 
permission over all qubes on the computer?  so I can run something like 
htop on a debian machine, see a process thats bogging down my system, so I 
can go to that particular vm and kill the application?  

I want to creat a 'Monitor' VM with absolutely no internet capability using 
debian (i started learning Linux with Ubuntu, then moved onto Kali and 
Arch, now im experimenting with Raspbian, so im much more familiar with 
debian than Fedora).  I want to have all my supervisory programs on this 
VM, but simply peering thru the looking glass as it were.  I found xentop 
on the qubes terminal helpful, but that only tells me if a particular qube 
is peaking CPU or memory usage, not what process is killing my 

Im pretty new to qubes os, so if anyone has some ideas on other cli 
utilites on the qubes terminal, or any other suggestions, Id be happy to 
entertain them.  I recently built this system to be a linux machine.  After 
using second-hand laptops, computers found in the trash can, and random 
computer parts to see just how crappy a system will run linux lite, i 
decided to actually build a system from scratch.  I also bought a Pi4 kit, 
and running everything thru an HDMI selector into my tv that i use as a 
monitor.  so thanks to anyone who has an idea!

-Josh Nuevo-

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