Thanks, I could try to play with that. The problem is that the sound is 
sometimes not transmitted correctly. It is as if the network caused pauses 
in the sounds/voices. But I know from other computers that the network is 

On Thursday, October 15, 2020 at 6:44:28 PM UTC+2 b17b7bdb wrote:

> We had a similar problem that we were able to fix with ALSA.  In the Dom0 
> terminal type "alsamixer" and check the Mic setting.  Ours was originally 
> set at a level of zero (negative dB gain).  Setting it to a level of 100 
> (dB gain of 12) fixed the problem for us.
> On 10/15/20 10:49 AM, John Dyne wrote:
> > I suffer performance problems, specially with the audio, during video
> > conferences (webex, zoom etc).
> >
> > Since the default of audio_low_latency is true, what could be the 
> problem?
> >
> >
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