Because of the security issues with Intel Processors, AMD processors seem to be 
a very interesting alternative for a new system running Qubes.

The AMD Ryzen 7 Pro 4750G with integrated graphics would be ideal 
price/performance wise and it ticks all the boxes: no Intel, no **** Nvidia, 8 
cores, and integrated graphics which are just fine for most Qubes users, 
certainly for me. But right now apparently Qubes has problems with the AMD PRO 
features SME and SEV. (I read in an older thread)

Would it be too much of a gamble to still get the AMD Pro for a new system and 
hope it will be possible to run Qubes in some (4 -8) months? Or maybe it is 
(will be) possible to get these PRO processors running Qubes with all the Qubes 
security features intact but with SME and SEV switched off?

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