> 2. How do I make installed changes to an AppVM survive a reboot? Such as when 
> I install Opera or Brave browser, if I need to reboot I usually have to redo 
> the installation, or parts of it like libcurl.

Software that you want to survive reboots or use on multiple AppVMs
should be installed in the respective templateVM. `qvm-ls` will tell you
which VM that is, start it and install normally, then shutdown the
template and start the AppVM. Your program will be there persistently.
If you don't trust the application, best to create a separate templateVM
for it.

> 3. Lately when I suspend the system to RAM overnight, when I log back on the 
> system wakes up but the screen is just black, which forces me to reboot. This 
> didn't used to happen. Not sure if that is Qubes related or hardware related.
This may be Qubes related. I had a similar bug on my laptop that is only
fixed in 4.1 alpha. Do you have the same issue if you install/boot
fedora 25 without Xen/Qubes?

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