I wrote python program with timer to shutdown qubes after some time if it 
will not be canceled. It's GUI program. 

I tried to start it with systemd service (wakeup / sleep.target). It report 
that $DISPLAY not found.

When I add
to my service than it report that DISPLAY not found. 

So, the problem is that I don't know how to run program that request X 
session on Qubes if it run from service... 
Any help?

вторник, 27 октября 2020 г. в 12:58:11 UTC, evado...@gmail.com: 

> Look like I found the solution and know how to make it. Only need to 
> develop interface & test. When I will have time and if I will not have any 
> problems with the code it will be released. 
> вторник, 27 октября 2020 г. в 08:32:29 UTC, haa...@web.de: 
>> > Any ideas how to start shutdown process after wake up from sleep if 
>> user 
>> > will not unlock pc in expected time period (e.g. 30-60 seconds). 
>> > 
>> > Maybe run some script before PC goes to sleep with timer and after it 
>> > wake up timer will continue and only user will have access to click 
>> > "cancel" when he will unlock the screen? 
>> > 
>> > Where can I add this script on dom0? Can Qubes trigger(run) my script 
>> > before sleep action or wakeup action? 
>> > 
>> > Or any other suggestions or ideas? 
>> > 
>> I have a similar question/idea, which would be auto-shutdown after 3 (or 
>> any other number) false password attempts. The idea is to add a second 
>> (luks) password layer if any stupid attempts are made. 
>> My idea is to hook in the screensaver mechanism. In my install that 
>> would be /etc/pam.d/xscreeensaver were system-auth is mentioned, so I 
>> guess, I have to include a line in /etc/pam.d/system-auth to count 
>> wrong pwd attempts and do some action if necessary. I guess something 
>> like 
>> account required pam_exec.so debug /path/to/wrongpasswordscript.sh 
>> in the system-auth could do the job, but I am not sure. Manipulating 
>> unwisely these files may end with a lock-out of my system, so I'd like 
>> some advice if this sounds correct to you, the qubes-community. 
>> Cheers, Bernhard 

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