> Hi all, 
> I faced a wifi-related issue on Nitropad X230. Wifi used to work properly 
> at the beginning, but after update it stopped functioning. 
> After entering the following commands (according to the documentation here: 
> `sudo rmmod iwldvm`
> `sudo modprobe iwldvm`
> The wifi was on again, but unable to connect to any wifi with the message 
> “device not ready”. 
> After [sys-net] reboot,  the first issue persisted. Neither the key binding 
> `fn+F5` nor the hardware (physical switch) seems to be working.
> This might be related to drivers, but any help or hint on this issue would 
> be welcome. It is possible to post logs, if I knew where to look.
> Thanks. 
It's possible a kernel update broke your wifi driver. Try going into
Qube Settings on the sys-net (or wherever your wifi device is attached)
qube, and manually selecting a lower versioned kernel.

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