ATM I'm using standard Fedora qubes with NetworkManager enabled and OpenVPN in 
order to connect to a VPN. I'd like to switch to the VPN's own full-fledged 
program to use features such as easy switching between exit servers and 
killswitch. I've previously used exclusively OpenVPN, but on Qubes, stuck in 
its own qube, I guess there isn't really anything the VPN's program can spy 
(other than traffic obv), and I reasonably trust this particular service.

The app comes as .deb/.rpm or, mercifully, source code. I've tried installing 
the .rpm but naturally I'd have to either do it on each restart, do it in the 
main Fedora template (which could compromise it), or do it in its own 
TemplateVM which would take up another 5 GB. Bind-dirs looks like an option but 
I'm not sure which files the .rpm install changes, and it looks like an update 
could easily break it.

Is there anything I'm missing? Looks like I'll have to either waste another 5GB 
space on a new template for a single program (and run updates for that template 
regularly), or have to compile it from source, possibly every time there's an 
update for the VPN program (not looking forward to that hehe). I'm thinking 
there has to be a better way...

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