I try to run Windows 7 in seamless mode at my Qubes. So far everything ist 
working great. I just have some problems with microsoft teams there. I only 
see a white screen and cannot login. If I install a normal Windows 7 HVM 
like in the description without Qubes Windows tools then it is running. Can 
u tell me what I can try to fix this? It will be good for my work, to run 
Teams in seamless mode, because then I don't need to copy the file between 
vm's and else. I even tried it with several Windows7 images, And I am only 
able to install a seamless Windows 7HVM via qvm-create-windows-qube.sh, 
because I don't find how to activate the *seamless mode* in a Winodws 7 
HVM. The Quibes documentary is not up to date at this section and said u 
can do this in the Qubes Manager, but there I cannot find this option.
Maybe there is a working *solution* *via terminal? T*hat will be really 
great, then I can try to install a fresh win7 hvm with my own Iso, where 
all the updates are integrated...Maybe this will work.:)
Or ist it possible to run *vmware on the qubes fedora or debian template*? 
But I don't think so, because at Debian I always get an error GNU C 
compiler 6.4.1 not found and at Fedora it install vmware, but while 
installing it started uninstalling and cannot finish the installation. But 
if this is possible it will be a solution, too and I am very thankful to 
hear how to fix that problem.:)
Stay healthy, Best wishes and much thanks for ur support.

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