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Dear Qubes Community,

Marek has just published the following announcement:



So do I understand this currently is only available for Fed31? and not 32?

I don't recall hearing that anywhere, and I can think of no reason why it would be true.

That was mentioned in one of the chat rooms but if true, and Fed31 is reaching EOL is there and ETA on when the contributed-packages will be available for Fed32?

As far as I know, the repos should already work on Fedora 32.

For the compatibility of the packages themselves, you'll have to check the package details, but I imagine that most, if not all, should be compatible.

P.S. -- Please don't reply to multiple lists.

Thank you, I will give it a try again. I just asked because I was able to get it to work with Fed31 but not Fed32 (tried Fed32 when the com packages were first made available".

Regarding the replies, my apologies, I just mindlessly clicked "reply all".

Packages should be available (or almost) for Fedora 32.

Please note this is a community effort. Authors of contribution package are kindly asked to help into maintaining or fixing build issues. Any package normally has a Github issue. I'm currently referencing all packages with extras info into a JSON here: https://github.com/QubesOS-contrib/qubes-contrib-configs/blob/master/packages.json.


Please dont mistake my questions for ingratitude, I very very much appreciate the community effort!

Sure no problem, don't worry I did not take it as is. I was answering that to make precise the original announcement how we ask for help for this part.

A quick general question, you mentioned "almost", so does that mean that this community packages is distro ver dependent? Also, is there a way for users to be able to tell if a package is available yet for whichever template? (I am quite looking forward to trying rofi on my qubes4.0 setup!)

In a general manner, when we trigger build for a component, it launches build for every dist and versions. "Almost" here means possible build failure to be solved.

Regardless, I was in *awe* of how easy it was to setup the vpn proxy using the community qubes-tunnel package, albeit on fed31 (which is totally fine with me for now). Thank you all for this as I literally spent hours on previous installs trying to figure, and re-figure out how to do it!

I recently added Fedora 32 to distribution to be built into contrib (sorry for the late) and I'm triggering build (and fixing some issues) for every components since few days. I've launched the one for `qubes-tunnel` and Fedora 32 just now.


Sweeet! Thank you just doesnt say it but, thank you!

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