On 11/15/20 8:29 PM, Steve Coleman wrote:
> Since checking each drive in this way is relatively efficient and easy
> it seems to me that there must be an automated way to check these error
> logs and notify the user when a drive is starting to fail. My Qubes
> system was completely silent and it was only because of the odd
> behaviour of the backup system that I was forced to investigate. If the
> backup process didn't just hang then all my future backups could have
> been trash, and I would have not even noticed the issue until it was too
> late. Why wait until the system is completely unusable?
> So, my question to the Qubes community is, has anyone out there set up
> this kind of "smart" disk check up on Qubes? What are the best tools for
> a quick check, say upon each boot, or one that could easilly be put in
> cron for a periodic/daily go-no-go health check?

I personally would recommend btrfs specially if you have a ssd hard
disk. Although it supposes some performance lost you will get a more
reliable data consistency and you can check all your data just doing
"btrfs scrub start /" (or "btrfs scrub start / -c Idle" if you don't
want it lags too much your system while working).

I was using also btrfs-send/receieve but ultimately it seems that there
is some problem that causes a CPU bottleneck with my big non-ssd hard
disk. The main ssd disk stills working fine but I am thinking on another
way for incremental backups.

I would like to experiment with borg so I could do backups at file level
adding some cool features like ignore some paths (e.g. '~/.cache') or
restore a single file without uncompressing/unencrypting the whole image
and also have deduplication.


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