hi all

I have recently migrated my Qubes to an new desktop computer from my
laptop. Because I have not yet bought a suitable monitor I am using a
TV as an HDMI monitor, and am having the common difficulty that the
picture is bigger than the display area. This is called overscan.

The HDMI TV is old enough that it does not have a setting for use with
PCs, nor a "normal" or "just scan" option. That means I need to adjust
the issue from the computer end.

On LinuxMint I can sort this using xrandr, and I had imagined this
would be easy on Qubes, but no such luck :(

The command that works on Mint fails on Qubes, because I have been
unable to guess what the --output name is for my display, and the
xrandr -properties command simply refers to the plugged in monitor as
'default', or as 'Screen 0', but neither of those works as a name.

I have tried

HDMI-A-0  (as that is what it is on LinuxMint)

and a similar list (grasping at straws here)


The computer has an AMD CPU with a built in GPU, and on LinuxMint is
was easy to ask xrandr to list the three display connectors. I cannot
find the relevant command on dom0. I can't find any docs on the Fedora
site, though I can't say I really know my way around that.

Is it Qubes, somehow hiding the display connector names? Is it that I
just need to invoke some different magic command in dom0 to get xrandr
to divulge the list of relevant names?

Or is it that dom0 is already running wayland and I need a different
command entirely?

I had assumed that it would be straightforward, as I understand that
Fedora in general has better graphics hardware compatibility than
Mint/Ubuntu/Debian (though I may be out of date on that).

I am not sure what other info I can give to help you to help me.

Should I post the output from lspci? and if so, as produced on
LinuxMint or as produced from Qubes?

Be grateful for any suggestions.

Final comments:

If I can't fix this then Qubes is not really usable till I can afford
a newer monitor -- but that involves spending the money I had
earmarked to upgrade the new machine's memory to 32Gb from 8Gb.

I am glad I still have the laptop installation, which works but it is
a bit laborious as it only has 8Gb memory and is not upgradeable.

9831*2^1441403+1 is prime, >400k digits

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