Dear Qubes Community,

Fedora 31 has reached EOL (end-of-life [1]). If you have not already done so, we strongly recommend upgrading your Fedora 31 TemplateVMs and StandaloneVMs to Fedora 32 immediately. We provide step-by-step upgrade instructions for upgrading Fedora TemplateVMs [2]. For a complete list of TemplateVM versions supported for your specific version of Qubes, see the list of supported TemplateVM versions [3].

We also provide a fresh Fedora 32 TemplateVM package through the official Qubes repositories, which you can install in dom0 by following the standard installation instructions [4].

After upgrading your TemplateVMs, please remember to switch all qubes that were using the old template to use the new one [5].

Please note that no user action is required regarding the OS version in dom0. For details, please see our note on dom0 and EOL [6].


This announcement is also available on the Qubes website:

Andrew David Wong (Axon)
Community Manager, Qubes OS

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