To whom it may concern:

The HP Probook 450 G7 is not compatible with QubesOS 4.0.

Last week I tried to install QubesOS 4.0.3 onto a new HP laptop model Probook 
450 G7. It failed in the following ways:

    1. The touchpad didn’t work during the install process or after install

    2. It ran extremely slow (just dragging the mouse across the screen had 
obvious lag). I confirmed that VTx and Vtd were enabled in BIOS).

    3. After install, it did not detect my wireless card

With some work, it may be possible to fix the drivers for the wireless card and 
the touchpad. And maybe somehow optimize virtualization. But at that point, I 
gave up and installed xubuntu on this machine  which resolved all 3x issues 

Unfortunately, I cannot run `qubes-hcl-report` on this machine, but I do want 
this entry to be added to the Hardware Compatibility list so that nobody else 
attempts to purchase this laptop with the hopes to run QubesOS on it.

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