On 22/11/2020, River~~ <river14ap...@gmail.com> wrote:
> hi I have got a new computer working, and it is a model new to Qubes
> not just. (Guess who got it cheap on an early bird reduction on
> kickstarter then :)
> So, I am going to send in the HCA report. I have produced the .yml
> file. It contains some FIXME items. I am unclear: is it up to e to fix
> them, or are they a note to whoever processes the report before
> posting to the HCA page?
> If I have to edit them, what do I use for the "short" items? Am I
> reasonably free to abbreviate?
> I am thinking of including the cpio files, but do not want to share a
> serial number that they contain. WOuld those files be useful to others
> if I edited them so that the serial number reads "Redacted"?
> Finally, the manufacturer's name shown in the .yml is different from
> the name they used on kickstarter. Would it help, or would it cause
> confusion, if I added at the end of their name "t/a MinisForum"?
> WArmly
> R~~

9831*2^1441403+1 is prime, >400k digits

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