On 11/28/20 12:41 PM, Jason ZenRiot wrote:
I'm a bit of a Qubes novice, this is my first setup and Ive been up and
running for about 4 months now, so I've poked into most of the corners, tho
not too deep.
Easy install, stable AF and pretty fast. I'm not terribly impressed with
playback performance with multiple video streams. But I'm running three 27"
displays off a laptop so I have no business complaining about the refresh
rate. Near as I can tell ALL of the hardware is supported from first boot.
Audio, video, USB, all elements fully functional, I'm pretty sure the TPM
is not being utilized, but thats probably due to me not knowing a lot
still.I am struggling to get my solokey setup, but thats def an id10T

I highly recommend this platform, its a little heavy for a laptop, but its
got a BIG sexy screen, 3 yes three drive bays (1 msata, two 2.5 SATA3)
DVDBurner, modular video card upgrades available NVidia K4000 or ATI
Firebolt and VGA, HDMI, and DisplayPort supporting 2 external displays
without the docking station which provides support for a fourth ($15 on
ebay)  5 USB3 ports, and it all f'in works with Qubes...

I see refirbs onsale now in the $500-$800 area... Festivus is upon us...
shouldn't SOMETHING be easy in 2020? :-D
Hello,I am JayDogg, and with this submission, I am joining the
community...Its really good to be here... because apparently there's no
time to lose.

Welcome to the community, and thanks for your report! Glad to hear it's working well.

Andrew David Wong (Axon)
Community Manager, Qubes OS

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