Hello, I was looking to install Qubes on my MacBook Pro and experienced 
several issues along the way. The one issue I can not fix on my own is none 
of the VM’s starting.

I got an error after the second installer page right before logging in that 
failed to create new domain sys-firewall. I checked libxl-driver log and 
see the following:

libxl_console_get_tty: unable to read console tty path 
‘/local/domain/1/console/tty’: Resource temporarily unavailable.
device_backend_callback: unable to add device with path 
domcreate_attach_devices: unable to add nic devices
libxl__initiate_device_generic_remove: backend 
/local/domain/4/backend/vif/6/0 already removed, cleanup frontend only
libxl__loopdev_cleanup: unable to release device /dev/loop0: No such device 
or address

I know this is caused by my Broadcom 43 series card and I know many were 
able to get that to work by putting it into permissive mode but I cannot do 
that unless I am able to boot sys-net.

Any help is appreciated,

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