Dear Qubes community,

I have trouble understanding the output of my qubes-hcl-report. It says, iommu, 
hvm, remap and slat work well, but cpu-short, gpu-short and remark is "FIXME". 
What does that mean? Is it related to the bugs, shown by the command "cat 
/proc/cpuinfo": "null_seg, cpu_meltdown, spectre_v1, spectre_v2, 
spec_store_bypass, l1tf, mds, swapgs, itlb_multihit, srbds"?
Qubes works well for me. But after having suspended my computer it works rather 
slowly (for example usb mouse and wired network reconnection take more and more 
time, at the moment 20 seconds).

A) What could be the reason for the output "FIXME" in the report?
B) Is it important to fix the bugs, shown by the command "cat /proc/cpuinfo" 
(but how?)?
C) To which Qubes developer mail address can I send the .cpio.gz-file (HCL 
Support Files) in an encrypted way?

Kindly regards,
Rainer Neumann

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