Le 29/11/2020 à 01:16, Ludovic Bellier a écrit :
Le 28/11/2020 à 23:40, Marek Marczykowski-Górecki a écrit :
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Try adding `--action=update` option.

Thanks for the help. Note that the action is upgrade (not update).

I switched for dom0 and most of TemplateVMs, AppVMs and DisposableVMs. I checked for the follow OSes : debian-10, debian-10-minimal, fedora-32 and whonix.

I detected neither issues, all is working well. I'll continue to test with my daily usage and report again in 2 days with more tests.

So a week later, I didn't detect issues with this new 5.4 kernel. But previously I was already using an 5.8 kernel (kernel-latest).

One user dectected an issue, see the feedback from haaber, another user with an already known problem (donoban, issue #6052).

**Other users, please test this new kernel and give more feedbacks!**



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