On Fri, Dec 11, 2020 at 08:56:20AM -0500, Stumpy wrote:
> Is there a way to ftp to another computer on my LAN from a appvm that is
> using a proxyvm?
> I am able to ftp to other computers when I set this appvm to just use the
> default firewall, but sometimes I forget to set it back to use a vpn vm; but
> if I have the appvm using the vpn/proxy vm then I am unable to reach any of
> the other computers on my LAN?
> Please advise

Yes - you need to adjust the firewall rules on the vpn qube to direct
(ftp) traffic from the source ip to the local network - you could make
this *highly* specific by specifying the destination in the new rule.

What method are you using to set up the vpn?

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