Hello all,

I got it running on Intel NUC10FNH and use already latest kernel and 
network is up and find.
Can you give me a hint what you want to tell with 
" - check GPU driver provides a better resolution (>= full HD display), "

I have already 4k resolution but only software rendering.
My xorg.0.log told me:   AIGLX error: Calling driver entry point failed. 
...reverting to software rendering."
I can not find what I have to change. Graphics is lousy. 
In my EFI - Boot settings at xen.cfg   is already (without my changes)  
 options   "iommo=no-igfx" and kernel "i915.alpha_support=1"  like described

May be somebody can help me to fix my graphic.

Thank you

Ludovic Bellier schrieb am Sonntag, 26. Juli 2020 um 18:47:02 UTC+2:

> [Note: sorry for not replying directly to the original thread, but I 
> wasn't yet registered to the mailing-list, so I can't do a reply with my 
> MUA]
> Original copy-paste mail from zhaojx88  (see : 
> https://groups.google.com/d/msg/qubes-users/vRKrs5ZIg9c/WUepmWP9BwAJ):
> > Thanks for the guidance!
> > I also have nuc 10i7fnk. but I have problems installing qubes OS 
> 4.0.  I hope I can get answers from you.
> > I Set legecy mode, security booting off, use USB stick to install OS.
> > The following warning maseges&error is displayed when booting.
> > "WARN anaconda: 
> /usr/lib64/python3.5/site-packages/pyanaconda/pwpolicy.py:101:PendingDeprecationWarning:
> add_option is deprecated and will be removed in
> > pykickstart-3.  Use add_argument instead.
> >    op.add.option("--minlen",type="int")
> > ......
> > WARN anaconda.stdout:Not asking for VNC because we don't have a network
> > ......
> > WARN anaconda:X startup failed: Xorg exited with status 1
> > WARN anaconda.stdout:X startup failed,aborting installation
> > ERR anaconda.stdout:X startup failed, aboting installation"
> >
> > Do I miss setting something in bios or do I need to install the OS 
> with DVD?
> > Thanks a lot!
> zhaojx88,
>     you got a *network error*, so may be, you should follow my steps 
> with a USB Network Interface Controller (aka USB ethernet), because the 
> internal ethernet card isn't recognized by the default 4.9 linux kernel.
>     My BIOS setting:
> Boot (section)
>   Secure Boot        Disabled
>   UEFI Boot            Enabled
>   Legacy Boot        Enabled
>   > Secure Boot (sub-section)
>     System Mode    User
>     Secure Boot      Disabled
>     Not Active (title)
>     Secure Boot Mode   Standard
>   > Boot Priority
>     UEFI Boot       x (i.e. checked)
>     Legacy Boot   x (i.e. checked)
>     USB                x (i.e. checked)
>     I used the 4.0.3 ISO from https://www.qubes-os.org/downloads/  on a 
> USB storage stick. On boot I used the F10 key for choosing the *UEFI* 
> USB device stick. And I installed Qubes-OS on my SSD with the help of 
> the Qubes-OS documentation.
>     Note also than my first 4GB USB stick was too small for the iso, 
> finally I used a 32GB stick (but 8GB will be fine).
>     If this doesn't resolve your problem, give more information (BIOS 
> screenshots, when you got the above error message, ...)
> -- 
> Ludovic

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