Hi, I have installed *qubes* on a dell inspiron 7548 touchscreen, I have 
several problems with the touchpad. In detail, the problem is to use it 
with two fingers, the click goes crazy, only the scroll works.

 I actually realized that unlike other even older Dell laptops, this one 
has buttons under the touchpad, so clicking the left button conflicts as if 
it were a two-finger click. I don't find how to disable the two finger 
click, only scrolling is disabled. Also, drag and drop doesn't work for me. 
On the mouse / touchpad options in xfce's settings manager, I have the 
selection of two devices: the mouse and the touchpad, both named MSFT0001: 
00 06CB: 75BD. 

I've done a lot of testing, but I can't fix this problem. It is probably a 
drive problem perhaps related to the multitouch touchpad. I was unable to 
disable the multitouch functionality. 
The system is up to date. The touchscreen worked during installation like a 
mouse, now it no longer works. Also, when I launch the lspci command the 
touchpad and the whole system freezes until the command is finished. 

Possible solutions? Is this a bug or an incorrect driver? 

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