Hello Group Members,
Kind Greetings.

I am learning to use Qubes OS in my Dell Inspiron (15R) Laptop (*without* 
IOMMU/VT-d/AMD-Vi, and Interrupt Remapping feature). The laptop only has 
VT-x feature. My BIOS setting is UEFI, x64 type system. 

*The usb mouse is working well after fresh install only. Afterwards, that 
is second time when the system is powered on, the usb mouse is not 
functioning. Only touchpad is working. *I have four usb port & all are 
getting power. *But when I connect any usb devices (both use mouse and usb 
blocked devices-external hard disks, they are not listed or prompted with 
their corresponding names under the connected-devices-widget.*

I have tried installing OS with and without selecting sys-usb qube check 
box. That is separate qube for USB devices (sys-usb) and same qube for both 
net and usb devices (sys-net). The same problem exists in both of these 
ways .

The sys-usb has three usb controllers selected by default (found on the 
device tab in the qube setting menu).

Please help me in resolving this issue, so that I further move on with 

*Vignesh Veeran* (*Beginner to Qubes and Linux*)

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