Hi all,

Installed 4.0.3 on a 10th-gen Lenovo T490 - went well with a few hiccups:

- Networking:
  - network devices had to be detached and reattached with `
--persistent --option no-strict-reset=True` on sys-net
  - wifi chipset not supported by default kernel (5.4.88) - fixed by
installing kernel-latest-qubes-vm in dom0 and switching sys-net to use
  - occasionally have to restart sys-net after waking laptop from sleep
mode to re-enable wifi

- Video:
  - installed kernel-latest as part of troubleshooting networking, which
resulted in weird graphical behaviour where windows were only repainted
when the mouse cursor moved. Downgraded back to default kernel,
behaviour went away
  - there is a barely noticeable vertical glitch down the middle of the
screen, where it looks like pixel brightness is increased for
alternating columns? Tried increasing VRAM in both the BIOS and in dom0,
no effect.

Everything else seems fine so far. With the tweaks above this machine
works fine with Qubes.



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