Alexander Reseneder:
Hello qubes-users,

im a Noob to Linux, but i wanna try it because it seems that it offers
great security advantages over a normal "bare metal" System or Windows.

However i have some problems, like setup my network printer properly, i

Have you seen

Also i ran into that problem that my Authy client installed over Snap
stopped working, terminal prints out that:

IIRC, both Authy and Snap can be challenging to run under Qubes, but I don't remember what it takes. Think others have managed though. Try searching this mailing list for "Authy"?

Also i want to update my old InsydeH20 Bios, because it is the first
release version and my PC is from 2016, they were several ME Firewall
patches and also drivers for touchpad for linux were delivered etc. etc.
and Microcode Update. I tried updating with FreeDOS from SD Card, but it
seems that my Bios does nut support booting from SD card. My Bios version
is V1.12.... this is the first release..

Try a USB drive instead, maybe.

I have Qubes installed in Legacy Mode. Is it possible to switch it to UEFI
mode? Because maybe it will boot much faster? The problem is i cannot turn
off Secure Boot in my Bios by default, i am even not able to turn
hyperthreading of, because the InsydeH20 stock bios looks like from a

Qubes will install itself the same way you booted the install media- legacy in this case. PCs from 2016 have iffy UEFI support, so if you're functioning under Legacy boot now I wouldn't change it. The boot times on both seem roughly equivalent, so that shouldn't be a major reason to switch.

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