migrating from Ubuntu 20.04 to Qubes OS I have still quite a few
problems I ran into and could not solve yet using the documentation etc.

1. I need to use an external USB-Keyboard which is plugged into the
docking station of my X230 Thinkpad. I can connect the Keyboard to one
running VM using sys-usb but this results in a falsely changed keyboard
layout (US instead of DE) and I need to reboot to reset this as the
built in keyboard layout is affected in the same way.

2. Further it would be great to know how to automatically connect to
several selected VM after boot without connecting it directly to dom0 or
if not possible how to connect it to dom0 as I was not able to
understand the many different options mentioned in the documentation etc.

3. The sys-net VPN (PPTP) is not working although the settings are the
same as using Ubuntu, where it connected. Is there a way to get the VPN
up and running?

4. The qubes add on for thunderbird is not compatible with thunderbird
78 is it planned to upgrade it soon?

5. When disconnecting from the docking station to which the 2nd screen
is connected to, the windows are not automatically resized/-grouped so
it is kind of hard to access those invisible on the second screen which
is no longer attached, is there a way to improve this?

That is it for now though I might run in to more issues the coming days.
Hope you can help me especially with the first and 3rd issue as those
are most urgent.

Many thanks!

For 1 & 2, have you attempted the steps under https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/usb-qubes/#manual-setup ?

3 Does your VPN provider support OpenVPN? It's better. If so, https://github.com/QubesOS-contrib/qubes-tunnel is probably the best approach. Otherwise, try https://www.mail-archive.com/qubes-users@googlegroups.com/msg02913.html.

4 Unknown

5 Only fix I can think of might be to switch the desktop from xfce to something like i3, but haven't attempted that.
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