The quick: 

         Dom0 Task Manager shows memory usage percent as always increasing.
Closing Virtual Machines does not seem to free up any memory by
displayed memory usage percent. 

         The questions: 

         Are there any advice on what I should do with this situation?Should
I clean out Qubes memory buffer/catch? If so, what safe command should
be used?Or, if that isn’t the issue, what should I look for? What
more information do you good elves need to help the issue? 

         The slow: 

         I noticed this situation a good week ago when I looked at Dom0 task
manager. It showed my memory usage to be around 95%, that is a lot.
The computers total memory capacity is 32gig. My normal memory usage
tend to be around 35-40%, a fairly steady level measured over long
time. After seeing my memory maxing out I attempted to close down one
virtual machine after the other, but it did not appear to make any
difference in terms of freeing up memory. So I decided to restart my
computer and that made everything back to normal—for a little while.
Starting my normal virtual machines and got to the normal memory usage
level. But then it just kept adding on, a disposable machine opened
and closed and the memory usage increased, another virtual machine
opened and the memory increased, closing it did not affect the memory
level. And so it kept adding on more and more memory usage as I did my
normal computing things like browsing and so on. In writing moment
I’ve reached 93% of memory capacity.   

         The extra: 

         Please, treat me as a newbie. Although I’ve been using Qubes OS
for several years (its pretty cool operating system, thank you
creators and maintainers 

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