On 3/3/21 5:19 PM, 'qtpie' via qubes-users wrote:
Due to mysterious, unsolvable Wifi issues, I decided to replace the
wpa_supplicant wifi daemon with iwd.
  -- snip --
$ dnf remove wpa_supplicant
$ echo -e "[device] \nwifi.backend=iwd" | tee -a
$ systemctl enable iwd.service
$ systemctl start iwd.service
$ systemctl restart NetworkManager

interesting. I tried that in my debian-minimal-net but I cannot start
iwd with systemctl. Errors similar to here


but the proposed "solution" does not work. The thread suggests

  sudo cp /usr/lib/systemd/system/iwd.service /etc/systemd/system/

but that file does simply not exist, so I cannot copy it. So I stopped
that experiment for the moment. Maybe @unman has a suggestion for a
well-working debian-based 'minimal' solution without  networkmanager
and/or   wpa_applicant ?  Best,

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