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On Mon, Mar 15, 2021 at 10:16:04PM +0000, hackerncoder wrote:
I have created a survey about colors in Qubes, to help understand users: Are there too many colors? Too few? What do users associate with the colors? what are they used for?

There wasn't any space in the survey for general comments, so let me say here: more colors, please!

Well.. Yes, that is one of the things this study is trying to figure out. If people want more or less or what.

I find it makes the most sense to be able to isolate *both* by threat level and theme, and there simply aren't enough colors to do that.

I can say (which I really shouldn't, but I just cannot not do it, because... yes. Anyways, there is a month until this survey ends, it can very well change from what I am about to write) that most others agree that there are too few colors.

Colors are not just about preventing one VM from pretending to be another VM.

Colors also really help prevent *user error*, where you accidentally confuse e.g your chat window with Mom with the chat window you use for communicating with journalistic sources -- and end up asking Mom to get undercover footage from North Korea. Woops!

I'll note that one down.

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