Vladimir Lushnikov:

Since updating to latest Whonix 15/Qubes R4.1, I am having issues with
sys-whonix not bringing up the virtual interfaces for downstream VMs
correctly. I could find nothing conclusive in the bug tracker but am
hesitant to raise it on qubes-issue in case it only affects me.

The symptoms are as follows:

* AppVMs connected to sys-whonix do not get networking
* There is an incorrect nameserver specified in the AppVM
/etc/resolv.conf (the IP does not match the IP of sys-whonix)
* There are no vif* interfaces in sys-whonix, or they are down and have
no IP address
* There are errors in the logs of sys-whonix like:

Was this a fresh install of R4.1? If so, an issue would probably be the best course of action since it's not released yet, so might not have been widely encountered. If you upgraded by some other means, try uninstalling the various Whonix templates & VMs and reinstalling via the Salt commands documented on the Whonix website.

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