Hi Sven and thanks for your response.

I added more space to private volume. Now I have 10GB, I think it is 
enought to open a video file.
In other chat a person tell me that maybe the problem is that the process 
that open the file to DVM try to copy into /temp folder in system storage, 
maybe thats is the problem.

I opened a terminal in a DVM and copied the video file with qvm-copy-to-vm 
command, then I run VLC in DVM to open the video file and it worked.

Thanks Sven

El viernes, 19 de marzo de 2021 a las 5:50:58 UTC+1, sv...@svensemmler.org 

> On 3/18/21 7:44 PM, Ernesto Dorado Puga wrote:
> > Could you confirm me if there is a limit of size of the file that can be
> > opened into a DispVM?.
> Yes, it's whatever size you gave to the private volume of the DVM Template.
> So let's say your Template is called 'fedora-32-dvm', then open it's 
> settings in the Qube Manager. It is like set to 2048 MB. This should be 
> enough but depending on what modifications you have done to the template 
> the free space in the private volume could be less than 1.6 GB
> Easy way to check:
> qvm-run fedora-32-dvm xterm
> then in the xterm:
> df -h
> ... you will see how much is free and how much is used. Look for /rw
> Then shut it down and increase the private size in the settings. Or just 
> set it to 20480 anyway. :-) If it's not used it won't take space on your 
> hard disk and since the result is disposable anyway it's no concern.
> /Sven
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