Le 3/22/21 à 2:03 AM, Beto HydroxyButyrate a écrit :
Trying to use the info provided to kick off my own ISO build.
This posted links to does not use the `QubesBuilder` approach, as it references 
stuff apparently checked out to ~/qubes-src, rather than 

Is this different approach to building documented?  What else should  check out to 
~/qubes-src?  How does this fit into the "Development Workflow"?

    Due to recent troubles with kernels 5.4.X and 5.10.X, I've decided to add again to this 
weekly pipeline, the build of a fresh Qubes R4.1 ISO. I don't build any package or any 
template. It uses only Qubes OS repositories. The qubes-builder conf is: 
 and the kickstart can be found here: 

It's written "qubes-builder" conf. So use this as builder.conf and that's all: 
make iso. The kickstart reference provided is the one used by this conf: 
 Meaning the installer will use the file in installer-qubes-os sources: 


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