When I screen scrape in dom0, one option is to open in DocumentViewer in 
one AppVM.
I assume it is because this is the only AppVM I have DocumentViewer added 
to the big menu.  Anyway, nothing ever happens.  Does anyone use this?  Has 
anyone used this?

I also try "Copy to the ClipBoard" assuming I can then do a "Copy Dom0 
Clipboard" and then paste in some AppVM but when I select "Copy Dom0 
Clipboard" I get a "dom0 clipboard is empty!" popup.

I'm trying to optimise the workflow of scraping screen and getting it to 
where I want it but the only way I can get it to work is to save it to 
Pictures in dom0 and then manually xfer it to some target VM and then 
rummage about in on the appVM....  Rather cumbersome.

I'd also like to optimise the screen capture initiation.  On other 
platforms, I have a nice control-meta-cokebottle sequence.  I actually 
don't know what it is.  My fingers know.

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