On Tue, Apr 06, 2021 at 12:44:31PM +0000, 'taran1s' via qubes-users wrote:
I have got my X230 with Qubes preinstalled. Everything seems to work well,
but I cant switch-on the backlit keyboard. Pressing Fn+Space just cycles
between ON and OFF of the upper light (besides camera). The X230 of course
has, or should have, the backlit keyboard.

I didn't find any options in the Qubes Settings Manager to make it run. How
can I make it run?

Thank you!

This isn't a Qubes issue, because the backlit keyboard works fine on
varieties of 4.
Just to check - you **do** have a backlit keyboard? When you look at the
lamp icon on the space bar, are the beams pointing to the screen or
toward you?

Ah I see. The beams pointing towards me.

Kind regards

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