Hi Cody,

I am working on a list of recommended laptops for Qubes OS R4.0.4 as a community effort[1]. When reviewing your HCL report I saw you reported having to apply UEFI fixes when installing R4.0

My own experience with another ThinkPad was similar: I had to apply UEFI fixes for R4.0 but starting with R4.0.3 those where no longer necessary.

I am hoping you are still using Qubes OS and have meanwhile reinstalled with R4.0.3 or R4.0.4 and can confirm that UEFI workarounds are no longer needed. This would be required for this machine to make it on the list.

Thank you for your consideration & time!


[1] https://forum.qubes-os.org/t/short-list-of-laptops-desktops-that-work-well-with-qubes-os/5197/1

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