> I created a StandaloneVM that means that it doesn't communicate with 
other VMs and it souds great.

No, it doesn't. It means it is not based on a TemplateVM. It has no impact 
on whether it can communicate with other VMs.

> Could you tell me how I can open this channel ? so how I can make the usb 
available for the standaloneVM ?

What do you mean by making it available to the StandaloneVM? Is the 
StandaloneVM Linux-based, or Windows-based?

a. If it is Windows-based, the only feasible way with Qubes 4.0 is probably 
to assign the USB controller to the qube. This way, you assign all USB 
devices in the USB controller to the qube. Qubes 4.1 will probably also 
implement USB passthrough even for Windows, though.
b. If it is Linux-based, what interface do you want it to be accessible 

Vít Šesták 'v6ak'

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