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Hello all, I would like to start to use Trezor with my qubes. I would like to follow this guide here https://wiki.trezor.io/Qubes_OS. My intention is to use the Trezor HW wallet in a anon-whonix AppVm with Trezor Suite qube through Tor. I run qubes on X230 Nitropad.

I would like to check if the guide to install the Trezor Bridge and Udev rules in the sys-usb (see the official Trezor guide) is advised by qubes community or is it good practice not to install anything in the sys-usb and instead install the packages (bridge, udev rules and suite) in the target anon-whonix AppVM.

It should be fine. See my pull request for step by step instructions:

Thank you for the advice. You mention on github to verify the bridge, but I cannot find any signed hash or anything for Trezor bridge and udev rules. Can you point me to it?

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