I have to compliment your taste in hardware, I’m building almost exactly 
the same machine as we speak except for the SSD, I'm using a 1TB 870 Pro.


Although, I’m entirely new to coreboot and am trying to gather as much info 
as possible, I’m at the last stage before flashing but I am struggling to 
understand some of the config options. 

If at all possible, could I have a look at your config file Sven as our 
builds are almost identical.


Also did you flash Coreboot with seabios and then internally flash heads?




On Saturday, June 12, 2021 at 10:48:01 PM UTC+1 sv...@svensemmler.org wrote:

> On 6/10/21 3:12 PM, Sven Semmler wrote: 
> > The one I've used is the i7-3740QM which was recommended by @Plexus. 
> > It's a tiny bit less powerful than the i7-3840QM but about half the 
> > price (if you shop right and not just go for the first listing on Amazon 
> > as I did). 
> Actually at least in the US the price difference is basically 
> non-existent and I can't stand the fact that I *could* have a faster 
> CPU. So I ordered the i7-3840QM and will pop it in / resubmit the HCL 
> when it arrives. 
> /Sven 
> -- 
> public key: https://www.svensemmler.org/2A632C537D744BC7.asc 
> fingerprint: DA59 75C9 ABC4 0C83 3B2F 620B 2A63 2C53 7D74 4BC7 

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