Hi Sven,

That's great info, thank you!

Other than these issues mentioned above, your fhd mod worked smoothly? As 
in, no need to add change anything during the heads build process?

I will certainly let you know how it went although, I will probably be back 
asking more stupid questions in the future before it's finished lol


On Sunday, September 12, 2021 at 11:46:21 PM UTC+1 sv...@svensemmler.org 

> Hi Will,
> I basically used whatever was the HEAD revision of the Heads project at 
> that time. That worked reasonably well, but a few issues remained:
> -> A weird seemingly random data corruption issue when restoring backups 
> [1], which I cannot reproduce any longer. I suspect either the VRAM change 
> (see below) or the switch to the 4.19 kernel (see below) or maybe a 
> combination of both fixed it.
> -> Distorted graphics (looked like random data in the video buffer) for 
> the first 1-2 seconds when booting. This went away after setting 
> 'gfx_uma_size=224M' in cmos.default and 'select USE_OPTION_TABLE' and 
> 'select STATIC_OPTION_TABLE' in Kconfig. I use an external 4K screen and 
> never checked if this is also an issue without it being connected. You 
> might not need to do this.
> -> Random freezes of the system ... this is clearly connected to the 5.4 
> kernel and never happens when using the 4.19 kernel. As long as the 4.19 
> kernel is supported I feel no pressure to do anything about it and hope 
> that when the day comes, the newer kernel at that time will not have this 
> issue anymore. There is some talk about this being connected to the i915 
> driver.
> -> Some warnings about the CPU having issues when booting... that's a bug 
> in Coreboot you can simply ignore. If you however want to fix it, just 
> apply this fix [2] manually.
> Good luck and let us know how it went!
> /Sven
> [1] https://github.com/QubesOS/qubes-issues/issues/6227
> [2] https://review.coreboot.org/28443
> -- 
> public key: https://www.svensemmler.org/2A632C537D744BC7.asc
> fingerprint: DA59 75C9 ABC4 0C83 3B2F 620B 2A63 2C53 7D74 4BC7

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